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  • …traces of history and cultural heritage in Istria are countless  and make an integral part of our present. Istria is a history book: prehistoric hill-forts, Roman amphitheaters and triumphal arches, early Christian churches, Byzantine mosaics, the Romanesque basilica, medieval towns on almost every hill, Renaissance frescoes, towers and city walls, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces, Austro-Hungarian fortifications… Ten museums are treasure troves of history…

    In tourism, due to its atmosphere, a lot can be achieved on popularization of culture maybe even more than in every day life. This is one of the advantages of tourism but also its important task and role in modern civilization.

Istria throughout history

Dinosaurs in Istria, prehistoric hill-fort settlements, the first people in Istria, the Roman period, the period of the Byzantine Empire, the medieval towns in Istria, coastal towns in the Middle Ages …

About the cultural tourism

According to the definition of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), cultural tourism is the movement of people based on basic cultural motivation such as study tours, art and cultural tours, travel to festivals…